Hôtel de Todt-Lebenoff

“Chez Totleben” is a phantom art apartment, owned by Monsu Totleben.

Located on the top floor of Hôtel de Todt-Lebenoff, it features a spectacular 360 degree view of Paris-sur-Mer that stretches  from l’obélisque de Louxor, place de la Concorde, to la Statue de la Liberté, place de la Révolution .

L’hôtel particulier boasts 12 luxurious “chambres” – La Chambre de Madame, La Chambre de Monsieur, L’Amphithêatre privé, Le Grand Salon, Le Jardin d’hiver, Le Fumoir, Le Cabinet de travail, La Bibliothèque, Le Boudoir, La Tour d’ivoire, Le Salon de musique, Le Salon des beaux-arts.

The rooms are magnificently decorated with beautifully restored antique elements combined with modern décor and furniture, all of them are air-conditioned, come with large double beds and feature a range of up-to-date amenities, including flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi internet access, safes and mini-bars. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms with complimentary toiletries and luxurious bathrobes.

Lighthouse Obscura

Monsu Totleben opened his first phantom art gallery, Lighthouse Obscura, in Downtown Todessa, specializing in crude oil chiaroscuro, illuminated skiagraphia and clairvoyant fossil art forms, such as the crying stromatolites and the whisper-thrombolites, considered to have existed on the eve of the Proterozoic Eon. Together with Sir Siren Totleben he founded TotlebenTV, a broadcasting zeppelin-bathyscaphe, and Genome Press, a publishing house focussed on the clandestine distribution of lipid bilayer palimpsests, chromosome prints and autofill synapse-leaflets. His lost manuscript about “das Naturschöne und das Erhabene” during the Late Heavy Bombardment, has been hailed as a milestone in the non-written history of the Karg Art Revolution and the Kahlschlag-Kunst.
Most recently Monsu Totleben expanded his activities to Paris-sur-Mer, inaugurating his first Rive Gauche gallery with an exhibition of ghost selfies, taken by DNA-restored poètes maudits.

Space for Everything

The phantom art gallery is a cloud-based space for everything. Its mission is the telepathic representation of a continuously growing population of artists sans œuvre called Totleben Erben, whose diverse practices include parapsychological painting, kinetic sculpture, methaphysical film, auric daguerreotype, multilingual poetry, peripatetic philosophy, dionysian mysteries  and abstract performance.